CSM Aquatic Programming Spotlight - Triple X: Exercise, Exchange, and Excel With an Aquatic Physical Therapy Program


Make a splash! Aquatic physical therapy can improve mobility and balance, decrease pain, increase strength, help with weight loss, enable relaxation, and encourage patient motivation! Professors from the PT and OT departments at Belmont University and Tennessee State University, and PTs in clinical settings will plunge you into the field of aquatic physical therapy. This is an introductory session to simply wet your appetite to the benefits of aquatic intervention and encourage more physical therapists to become drenched in this exciting intervention.

Primary Speaker

Dr. Natalie Michaels, PT, EdD, GCS Emeritus is a professor at Belmont University in the Occupational Therapy Program. She has authored many articles on aquatic exercise, and serves as a co-editor for the Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy. She has a certification with the Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute (ATRI), and she completed her Aquatic Clinical Competency Certificate from the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy.



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