Are you a past CSM attendee? How about an aquatics course at CSM? It's pretty amazing, right? Without our fantastic program chairs, none of this would be possible, and we currently have an opening that needs to be filled as our current volunteer is transitioning to a new position.

APTA Aquatics has two program chairs (co-chairs) to share the workload, and you'll get to work with Nicole Needles! The co-chairs review and select course proposals, attend CSM and participate in APTA meetings annually, welcome speakers and attendees, and coordinate other on-site and pre-programming logistics. Each spring, one of the co-chairs also attends a planning meeting at APTA headquarters.

You can find a full list of responsibilities below. And don't worry about the learning curve. There is no denying it, it is steep, but you have tenured Nicole Needles to guide you, and APTA provides training sessions on the technology as well.

An ideal candidate for this volunteer opportunity will be conscientious, work well on a team, have excellent attention to detail, and be a PT or PTA. Additionally, to make CSM a success, this candidate must be able to dedicate a few hours a month (see below for details).

Interested candidates should complete this form.

Time Commitment Estimate:

  • January-February: 5-6 hours/month (in addition to the in-person meetings and courses at CSM)
  • March-July: 2-3 hours/month (in addition to the on-line technology training- usually in May)
  • August-December: 2 hours/month

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for reviewing emails with deadlines and instructions from APTA (this ebbs and flows over the year)
  • Promote for presenters (pre-cons and education sessions), assisting with topic suggestions, completion of social media promotion such as “call for proposals” with most up to date link for submissions
  • Review submitted proposals; decisioning: selecting the courses for both in person and on demand; completing decisioning and “grids” in the Confex Portal; review and edit program pages
  • Review all selected sessions for details including cross referencing submissions include up to date literature references
  • Ensure completion of speaker agreements (both in person and On Demand)
  • Participate in “Confex Portal” logistics training
  • Ensure On Demand speakers complete and submit post-test questions
  • Ensure completion and uploading of both in person and On demand handouts
  • Complete as needed: Pre-con catering selection, signage ordering, equipment shipment
  • Coordinating, assisting with speaker needs and the needs of the APTA (ie. Orchestrate)
  • Ensure posters/platforms are being coordinated

In-person Meeting Requirements:

  • Pre-CSM meeting (Tuesday before CSM) / (travel to CSM)
  • Post-CSM meeting (last morning of CSM) / (travel to CSM)
  • 1-2 day training meeting with the APTA stakeholders, including training in the “Confex Portal” in Alexandria, VA

Travel Requirements:

  • CSM in Jan or Feb
  • Training meeting in Alexandria, VA (around May)