Member Spotlight: Monette Murdock


Monette Murdock is a Certified Physical Therapist Assistant at Ascension Via Christi in Manhattan, Kansas. She worked full time in the outpatient setting for over six years, seeing a combination of aquatic and land-based patients daily. In collaboration with PT, she has the pleasure of working with patients of all ages and diagnoses. With the recent birth of her daughter (3rd child) she stepped back to PRN status so she could focus on her family. Monette continues to assist in the hospital with acute care and IPR, and also provides training for new hires in outpatient aquatic therapy.

Monette was introduced to aquatic physical therapy while working as a physical therapist assistant in Hawaii. When she moved to Kansas, she wanted to continue expanding her skills as an aquatic therapist and was fortunate to discover that Ascension Via Christi had an aquatic therapy program. Over the years, she has taken several aquatic physical therapy courses and completed the APTA Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy Clinical Competency Certificate. She now serves as a mentor at Ascension Via Christi, training new therapists in aquatic therapy.

Her special interests include aquatic manual therapy, ai chi, Parkinson's, aquatic exercises for pelvic floor muscles, low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, and pediatrics in the pool.

“I love that the pool offers endless opportunities for each patient. Aquatic therapy can be fun and creative. When working with kids, we enjoy playing games, experimenting with the surface tension of the water (calm floating, splashing, pushing, pulling, kicking, jumping, gliding) and discovering the support and resistance that the water provides,” said Murdock. “With Parkinson's patients and many others working on balance and strength, patients can attempt challenges without the fear of falling or being injured. We can focus on big movements, long strides, and coordinating dynamic arm and leg movements. Sometimes people have so much fun they don't realize how much work they are doing.”

When Monette is not working, she enjoys spending time with family. As a mother of three (Connor 8, Logan 4, and Kiera 1), she and her husband maintain very busy schedules. They often attend taekwon-do, soccer, gymnastics, cub scouts, and swim lessons. She is a certified SCUBA diver and has always enjoyed water sports. She also enjoys traveling and hopes to share the experience of different cultures with her family.



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