Water Walking: A Perfect Workout for Psoriatic Arthritis


Walking is an excellent form of exercise for anyone. It's a relatively low-impact way to improve joint mobility, strengthen muscles, and stay in shape. If you enjoy the water, you can reap the health benefits of walking even while you're in a pool or at the beach. Water walking can be a good workout for those with joint pain and damage, including those with psoriatic arthritis.

Why Should You Try Water Walking? 

Walking in the water has a number of benefits, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Here are some reasons you may want to consider water walking:
  • Water's buoyancy supports your body and lessens the impact on joints.
  • Water offers more resistance than air, which means your muscles have to work harder to move through it.
  • Working out in a heated pool can help soothe stiff, painful joints.
To take the pressure off your joints, walk in water that's about chest level but isn't so deep that it's difficult to move without floating. “Choose the appropriate depth to allow the water to be supportive but still challenge you,” says Charlotte O. Norton, DPT, past president of the APTA Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy.

For reduced gravity pressure on your joints, you can go in deep water and walk where you don't touch the bottom at all. You may feel more comfortable in deep water if you wear a floatation belt or vest. Or you can straddle a foam pool noodle.
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