Massive Cyberattack: UnitedHealth Group Offers Workarounds, Congress Weighs In


APTA has been in communication with UHC about the cyberattack and its impact on therapy. UHC provided resources/info that APTA included in the two APTA news stories shared with general membership earlier this month. See below for the articles posted. Additionally, see below for the latest article from Modern Healthcare that outlines congressional investigation as UHC is now under multiple investigations, most recently the Office for Civil Rights said it will examine whether Change Healthcare followed laws protecting patient privacy.

APTA anticipates additional oversight and investigation by Congress into this situation. This past Thursday, there was a hearing in the Senate's Finance Committee.  Senators questioned whether companies like UHC have become too large, thus creating such risk.

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More than three weeks since a cyberattack that continues to disrupt U.S. healthcare operations, Congress is still groping for a response. But paths forward have begun to emerge as awareness of the damage slowly spreads on Capitol Hill.

Many lawmakers still have no answers when asked about the Feb. 21 ransomware assault on Change Healthcare, a claims and billing processor within UnitedHealth Group's Optum subsidiary. But a growing number of them are devising plans that range from holding hearings and putting pressure on federal agencies to enacting legislation.



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