A NEW ISSUE of the Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy (JAPT) Is Now Available!

A NEW ISSUE of the
Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy
 Is Now Available!
JAPT publishes leading research across all the major fields of aquatic therapy and aquatic exercise. The latest issue of JAPT includes studies that focus on:
  • Parkinson's disease and aquatic intervention.
  • The association of aquatic functional tests, trait energy, and fatigue.  
  • The benefits of group aquatic therapy for young children with Down syndrome.
  • The recent changes in leadership and co-editors of JAPT
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We hope you enjoy this issue! 
Journal Co-editors
Anita Van Wingerden, PT, DPT
Natalie Michaels, PT, EdD, GCS Emeritus, ATRIC
Research Committee
Yasser Salem PT, PhD, MS, NCS, PCS
Marty Biondi PT, DPT, CSCS
Martin G. Rosario PT, PhD. CSFI, ATRIC
The Research Committee hopes you have found these resources useful. The AAPT Research Committee welcomes your feedback and questions. Please send all inquiries to Yasser Salem PT, PhD, NCS, PCS, Director of Research at



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