The wait is over, our in-person pool course is almost here!


October 7-9, 2022 | Cleveland | 2.5 CEUs | 25 Contact Hours

Participants will experience hands-on, in-pool training to integrate skills and knowledge learned from the previous 7 online modules of the Aquatic Physical Therapy Clinical Competency Certificate Series. Emphasis will be placed on handling techniques to give participants confidence to apply their knowledge to a wide base of treatment applications. Participants will be challenged to maximize the effectiveness of their treatments using the unique properties of water and pool equipment.

A variety of specialty aquatic therapy techniques will be introduced, and multiple case studies will illustrate the aquatic therapy continuum from evaluation to discharge to wellness. Participants can expect to be in the pool for much of the course and will be tested on their handling skills as well as integration of all online and pool course material.

Passionate, innovative, in-person training!

Enjoy this sneak peek into our course.

Emily Dunlap, PT; Holly Lookabaugh-Deur PT, GCS, CEEAA; and/or Cathy Maloney-Hills, PT, DPT, TPS

1. Aquatic Physics

2. Critical Thinking and Aquatic Interventions for PT

3. Physiology of Immersion

Prerequisite courses must be completed before registration is allowed for the instructor-led pool courseThe pool course will consist of a practical and written exam. Click here for a sample course schedule.

Can you give a general sense of the pool course hours and activities?

The course runs 2 full days (Fri and Sat – 8 am-6:30 pm) and one short day (Sunday 8 am-3:30 pm). We spend roughly 10 total hours in land lecture and 14 total hours in pool lab. The class size varies based on host pool size. Our smallest class is 12 and largest class size is 30. Staff ratio of about 1:12 students.

I want to train my entire staff and save money on travel expenses. Can you bring the Clinical Competency program to my aquatic facility?

We sure can! What a great way to build a strong team! Learn more here.

Why aren't there courses available in my state/region?

We are glad you asked! We are always looking for new host sites. The ones we contract with were found by word of mouth. Our host sites have certain sized pools and a land-based classroom. We offer an honorarium, and 2 complementary registrations. If you know of a pool in your area that would be interested in hosting the 3-day in-person pool course, please let us know about it.