What is my role in managing risk?


Every profession comes with inherent risks,
and aquatic physical therapy is no exception.

As an aquatic physical therapist or aquatic physical therapy assistant, the very nature of what makes your job so rewarding - helping patients who are injured or in an otherwise vulnerable state - also poses some serious potential liabilities.

Most of us are familiar with Murphy's law: "If something can go wrong, it will." The risks associated with the uniqueness of practicing physical therapy in a pool environment is a topic that deserves much more than a cursory glance for both new and seasoned PTs alike - especially considering the current era of rising malpractice claims.

You are not only responsible for providing the best possible patient care you can, but you also have to securely handle sensitive documents, protect patients and staff from potential harm, and work to reduce the risk of litigation.

Despite how overwhelming this may all seem, at the end of the day, risk management is actually about enhancing your peach of mind and professional integrity. Taking stock of common hazards in your practice - and taking proactive steps toward safeguarding against them - will help pave the way for you and your team to provide patients with high-quality care in an environment that's safe for everyone involved.
What can I do help increase the safety of my patients and staff?

Risk Management Training
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0.28 CEU I 2.75 CCU or Contact Hours

Risk management isn't just a "buzzword" - it's a real-world concept that can make or break your professional integrity (and bottom line) as an aquatic PT or PTA. At its core, risk management is about being proactive rather that reactive.

To truly provide high-quality care in a safe environment, it's essential for best practices in risk management to be top of mind. This course covers current data with resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 2018 Model Aquatic Health Code, the 2018 Revised Description of Specialty Practice for Aquatic Therapy from The Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy with attention to risk management, and Federal and State Guidelines.

Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course the learner will be able to:
  • Identify risk management concepts and legal responsibilities;
  • Identify risks encountered in and around therapeutic pools and strategies for managing those risks;
  • Examine codes and regulations relevant to risk management procedures in therapeutic pools; and
  • Identify leading water safety agencies and resources for further study.
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Non-Member Price: $220


*If you have already completed this course, please enjoy free access to the updated version at no additional cost!*



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