CSM Aquatic Programming Spotlight: Power, Speed and Agility With Pool Plyometrics


Aquatic plyometric training provides a lower impact option during rehabilitation and as part of a cross training conditioning program to improve power, speed, agility and strength. When exercising in the water, buoyancy provides support, reducing weight bearing forces while viscosity provides drag and resistance to increase muscle strength. Research has shown aquatic plyometrics to be an effective tool in improving jump performance and lower extremity explosive strength.

This presentation includes current research, along with practical applications for implementing an aquatic exercise program to improve agility, speed, and power for your athletes.

Primary Speaker:

Beth Ann Scalone, PT, DPT, is an orthopedic and aquatic therapy specialist and practice owner of North County Water & Sports Therapy Center in San Diego California. Beth is an Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation Institute Certified therapist. Additional aquatic therapy certifications include, Master Instructor for the Burdenko Method and Trainer for AquaStretch™ a new myofascial release technique performed in the water. Beth has had the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally presenting courses on benefits and application of aquatic therapy.



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