Award Spotlight: Excellence in Aquatic Physical Therapy Award


Chosen annually, the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy honors members who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of aquatic physical therapy through research, performance, leadership, and innovation.

The awards acknowledge the Academy's appreciation of the inspiring contributions that have lasting impact, demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, and deliver exceptional results in aquatic physical therapy.

This award is for the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy to recognize exceptional research, exemplary dedication, and/or extraordinary contributions to the comprehensive field of aquatic therapy. The intent of this award is to fulfill the Section's commitment to the diverse aspects of aquatic therapy by recognizing those whose influence has driven this area of physical therapy.

The potential recipient must work in the area of Aquatic Therapy in good standing with the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy at the time of the application submission.

The following documents are required by the deadline:
  • (2) Letters of recommendation which site the contribution(s) to the field of Aquatic Physical Therapy of the candidate. Letters must include a defense of why this individual is worthy to receive the only award that the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy includes for non-member eligibility. Include published research/documentation if possible.

The process to submit a nomination is easy. Simply click here, answer a few questions including some details about your nominee's outstanding work, and then submit.
The deadline to submit a nomination is Monday, December 19, 2022.




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