We are all in the same boat, navigating our professional decision making during this rapidly changing COVID time.  Are you unsure if you can take a patient into the pool?  Is it safe to treat in the water?  Check out the CDC's guidance and recommendations on safe use of pools for the Aquatics Professional.

Patients of Aquatic Physical Therapy
can find the CDC guidance on pools and COVID-19 here.

Are you maintaining proper disinfection to your aquatic surfaces and equipment?

  CDC has updated two guidance documents on closing and reopening aquatic facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Pool and Hot Tub Association has published this information.



The IOAPT released today in the WCPT website (in the Covid-19 section) another document related to COVID-19.

This document is an interview with Caroline Barmatz (an Aquatic Physiotherapist from Israel) and her reflections on providing physiotherapy services during this pandemic situation at the Sheba Medical Centre Hydrotherapy Service in Israel.

Sophie Heywood (from IOAPT) had conducted this great interview. We believe that this is a great document that can help all aquatic physiotherapists that are struggling against the COVID-19 in their countries. Here is the direct link to the interview:

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