Education Center

The Education Center is where you can purchase on demand courses and register for the clinical competency certificate, and download historical versions of the Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy. Below are instructions on how to access the Education Center based on your membership status.  


If you are a member of the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy, then please login using your user name and password. Our website is new, so if this is your first time to login you'll need to press "Forgot your password?" link to retrieve your pre-assigned username and a temporary password. 



If you are a non-member, you will need to register as a "Non-Member" to access the Education Center.  

Note: If you are a non-member who started your education through APTA's Learning Center, your transcripts were transferred to our Education Center and your profile is are already in our system.  Please select "Forgot Your Password?".

Become a Member

Of course, it saves you big time on the purchases of our educational sessions if you are a member. To become a member, you can do so here.  Once you join, please contact Marie Stravlo at the APTA Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy office to let her know so she can update the system records (There is about a 45 day delay for APTA to share new member information with us and our records being updated - we appologize for the inconvenience.). While awaiting a response from Marie, please create a non-member profile. This will expedite the process.