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Webinars Available

WEBINAR: A HIIT For all populations  (DESCRIPTION)

The presenter will describe the effects of aquatic HIIT training on athletes and how they can be used as a training modality, list the modifications that accompany HIIT training in the water, and describe how to implement aquatic HIIT training safely with compromised populations.

WEBINAR: Aquatic Interventions: Balance Deficits (DESCRIPTION)

This webinar will address the components of balance, aquatic progressions, and current evidence that supports such interventions. August 3, 2011


Content will review current literature related to aquatic physical therapy and provide intervention strategies that can be applied to patients with Fibromyalgia. July 17, 2012

WEBINAR: Let's Get the Rear in Gear (DESCRIPTION)

This presentation includes theories on how diminished gluteal function can arise from muscle weakness or gluteal inhibition. May 15, 2013

WEBINAR: Pediatrics Aquatics for the More Involved Child (DESCRIPTION)

The presenter will list 2-3 physiological, psychological or social benefits of aquatic therapy for the more involved child, incorporating qualitative studies; increase overall understanding of precautions (nasal gastric tube, supplemental oxygen, tracheotomies, aspiration, seizures, compromised immune system) and the fundamental requirements for treating the more involved child based on current research, and discuss the benefits and precautions of an aquatic therapy program for a child with Type I or Type II Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

WEBINAR: Practice Management Strategies: Documentation, Coding, and Billing for Aquatic Physical Therapy (DESCRIPTION)

Content will cover payment policy, regulation, and compliance issues related to the current billing of and payment for aquatic physical therapy. May 11, 2011

WEBINAR: Splish Splash: Pediatric Motor Learning in the Aquatic Environment (DESCRIPTION)

This course will proivde a review of basic motor control development and function in the pediatric populations, from birth to adolescence. November 8, 2012

WEBINAR: The CDC's Model Aquatic Health Code Recommendations for Aquatic Therapy Facilities (DESCRIPTION)

Seminar highlights the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guideline for the operation of aquatic facilities: Model of Aquatic Health Code (MAHC). September 15, 2011

WEBINAR: Using Aquatics to Treat Children With Special Needs (DESCRIPTION)

This webinar will discuss the use of aquatics as a modality in the treatment of children with a variety of diagnoses. June 19, 2013.


The Author will provide an overview of Water Specific Therapy (WST) based on the Halliwick Concept and recognize Halliwick in elements in WST. Johan will explain the objectives and benefits of WST at 3 levels of the ICF and relate a case history to a comprehensive WST approach. March 3, 2015

Resource Publications Available

RESOURCE PUBLICATION: Aquatic Therapy Policy and Procedures Manual - Chlorine (DESCRIPTION)

Part of Developing an Aquatic Physical Therapy Program handbook. Information on state codes.

RESOURCE PUBLICATION: Developing an Aquatic Physical Therapy Program Manual (DESCRIPTION)

Handbook for developing and implmenting an aquatic physical therapy program. Topics include: pool design, equipment, staffing, operation policies, reimbursement, etc.

RESOURCE PUBLICATION: To Pool or not to Pool: Aquatic Physical Therapy Precautions and Contraindications (DESCRIPTION)

This detailed 66 page document provides information for clinical judgement decision making surrounding patient selection for aquatic intervention as well as ideas to mitigate and manage risk of immersion for a variety of aquatic physical therapy precautions.

Journal Downloads Available

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